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Everything you want to know about Instapass.

What documentation is accepted for AML applications?

What is a PEP and why do I need to declare it?

Applying for AML Tier 3 & 4

Applying for AML Tier 2

Applying for AML Tier 1

How Long Does KYC Take?

How Long Does ID Verification Take?

How Long Does Address Verification Take?

How to verify your Instapass account with Customer Support

How to setup Instapass 2FA

How to connect your Radix and Ethereum wallet addresses to your Instapass account

How to reset your Instapass password

How to verify your identity in Instapass?

How to verify your residential address in Instapass

Identity document not accepted/working

Is Instapass secure?

Proof of address document not working

Selfie/Liveness check not working

Top tips for adding documents to Instapass

Which countries are not accepted by Instapass?

Why does my country not appear on the dropdown list?

Why does my identity document not appear on the drop down list?

Why does my proof of address document not appear on the dropdown list?

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